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A monthly podcast produced by gamers for gamers and dedicated to the newly released Genesys Role Playing Game by Fantasy Flight Games.

Genesys resources

Here at the Dice Pool Podcast we love all things role playing games and Genesys! Since it's release there has been so much fan generated content and resources that we wanted to create a central place for it all. Big big thank you SkyJedi & DarthDude on the Fantasy Flight Game Forums for giving us this idea and starting their own Master List which can be found here.  We hope to build and collect content from not only ourselves and our fans, but everyone out there on the internets! 

If you have any content that you would like to share here, please let us know using our contacts at the bottom of this page.



Episode Beat Chart
- By The Dice Pool Podcast

The Emporium
Online Character Generator
- By SkyJedi


Form Fillable Character Sheet
- German Version

Form Fillable Character Sheet  
No Skills

Form Fillable Setting Sheet


Form Fillable Character Sheet - Vectorised
By Drainsmith

Form Fillable Setting Sheet - Vectorised
By Drainsmith

Form Fillable Vehicle Sheet - Vectorised
By Drainsmith

Creator Resources

Genesys Dice Symbols, Fonts & Images
By SkyJedi

Custom Cards - Templates & Tutorial
Standard & Fantasy Theme
By Korlall


Genesys RPG LaTeX Package
By c-bec-k

GM Binder's Genesys Theme
by GM Binder

Genesys Talents Expanded
By TheSapient, ESP77, Swordbreaker & Richardbuxton

Gameplay Resources

SWForce Powers as Genesys "Spells"
 By emmori

Detailed GM Screen
By theantediluvian


Genesys Cheat Sheet
By HomeBrewery

Genesys Blackwater Bestiary, Characters, Magic, Skills & Talents and Weapons & Armour
By Diereach

Poison crafting skills and talents
By gelatinouse octohedron

Netrunner NPCs
By CaptainHilts


Weapons, Equipment & Vechicles

Weapons Cards for Genesys
By -cockatrice-


Sci-Fi Armoury
By GM Huzz

Expanded Fantasy Weapons
By Direach

Vehicles in Genesys
By Endersai


Primeval Thule
- Chis Holmes

Destiny for Genesys
- By badmudderfugger

Pathfinder to Genesys Conversion
By Sevick


Edge of Tamriel - Second Edition
By Kaalamity

Singularity - A Mass Effect Mod for Genesys

Cthulhu Mythos
By Gallows

By Phil Maiewski

Dark Heresy (Warhammer 40,000)
By Tom Cruise

Avatar - The Second Age
By Evan Koser & Noah Harbutt

The OmniSphere: Earth Beta, The Unseen World
By Johan Marek Phoenix Knight

The OmniSphere: Earth Delta, A World of Broken Heroes
By Johan Marek Phoenix Knight

The OmniSphere: Earth Omega, Nightmare Earth
By Johan Marek Phoenix Knight

Twilight Imperium
By BashFink
- Large Galaxy Map

Dragonlance - D&D
By genXesis

After Seven (MagePunk)
By rikrokola




Genesys Gen Con Adventure - Realms of Terrinoth
By Fantasy Flight Games


Everything in Between

Virtual Dice Roller & Character Sheet
By RPG Sessions


Discord Genesys Dice Bot.
By SkyJedi

Genesys Web Dice
By SkyJedi

Genesys Wiki/Reddit