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Friends and Family,

Unfortunately we must announce that The Dice Pool Podcast is coming to an end. Due to creative differences GM Hooly has decided to move on from the Podcast. As this show has always been an equal creation of all four hosts, we have decided that the podcast should not go on. We have greatly enjoyed sharing our passion and love of Genesys with you all, and we massively appreciate the kindness and support we have received from our listeners. Thank you for being a part of something special and making this time that we had together a Triumph.

All the Love, The Dice Pool Team


Artemis Gristlemaw (Played by GM Huzz)

Like so many others, Artemis was without a pack. A mongrel wolf born nameless. It was up to him to forge his own path, ignoring that ravenous hunger that burned deep in his gut. In his early years, Artemis found his place aboard an airship as a marine. Paid to protect the ship from pirates at best and shadow-abominations at worst. In those years this werewolf travelled the world, both above and below the black roiling clouds, gaining himself reputation for his fierceness as much as his loyalty. However, fortune would eventually find him when a lucrative haul presented him with rundown lightning trawler. Over the course of several decades, Artemis painstakingly restored the vessel to its former glory among the lightening filled skies. It was rare sight to behold, a werewolf that had not succumb to his hunger, in command of his airship. Many thought it was an ill omen, while others gossiped that wolves were forgetting their place. Nevertheless, Artemis found glory as a brutal but fair captain, one that would not discriminate on who could be on his ship, enforcing only three key necessities - a unwavering loyalty, unbreakable bravery, and most important of all, a healthy dose moxie.


Jonah Bonnie (Played by GM Kaitlin)

I don’t remember how I came to be. Maybe it was sudden or occurred over time. Whatever it was, it changed me so completely that whomever I was no longer existed. However, I am who I am, a shade touched, living my life within the clouds, jumping from ship to ship, trying to find the perfect fit. Each vessel’s crew might not like having one of my kind aboard, but no one can deny our usefulness. We get into places no one else can, and rescue those who fall to the abyss below before it engulfs them. For these reasons it seems so strange that there isn’t more trust between my kind and the humans. More likely it’s because we are not fully human, but not fully vampiric shade either. A foot in both graves, I suppose. And yet, like others who see me as a lesser, I too experience the terror that lurks below the clouds, waiting as it does. In this we are equals. But unlike them, when you have not just stared into the roiling tide of ink filled clouds, but felt that darkness, you can’t help but look at the world, and the people around you, differently. You can see the fear in their eyes when they look back as though I am a constant reminder. Yet what they feel isn't even close my own. I know what I can become if I was ever to fall into my own shadow.


Jericho Runetide (Played by GM Flano)

For as long as Jericho can remember he has always been intrigued by the unknown. This curiosity has been the driving force in his life and is how he found himself as one of the youngest applicants to the University of Lakeport. This was not his first attempt at entry, and eventually they accepted him into their hallowed halls. For Jericho, this was the starting point of his life. Many years he spent absorbing every tome and scroll he could lay his hands on, studied with all the best tutors and mastered the art of Attunement. Soon though he came to realise that he was just following in his forebears’ footsteps and learning what was already known. That wasn't enough for him, and so when it was time to write his thesis, he decided it would be a great idea to use the power and influence of the university to book passage on a ship and study the world below. This led him to the Calamity, and he hopes to do its Captain and the University proud.


Anora Steelclaw (Played by PC Madeline)

As a young girl, Anora was left on a floating land mass by her parents as they tried to hide her from a group of dangerous pirates that were trying to kill them. Her parents left and it is assumed that they died at the hands of those they fled. Several days later the pirates returned, capturing Anora and torturing her so she would reveal her family’s secrets. Blinded during the ordeal, she wailed at the pain which drew the attention of a crew of werewolf crew who could hear her shrieking cries. The crew quickly despatched the pirates and took Anora into their pack, raising her as their own. Anora believed that her parents had abandoned her, and so embraced the Way of the Wolf. When her crew discovered her Attuned heritage, they began train her in the ways of a Seer, and eventually she became their official pilot. However, on a journey far from the City States, the crew was tracked by the brother of the pirate Captain the crew had killed. He hunted the vessel down and began his vicious attack. Several of the crew escaped with Anora aboard a skiff and during their journey to Lake Port, she was informed of her origin. There she eventually joined the crew of the Calamity after an its pilot was torn apart during an unfortunate accident.