The Dice Pool Podcast

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Friends and Family,

Unfortunately we must announce that The Dice Pool Podcast is coming to an end. Due to creative differences GM Hooly has decided to move on from the Podcast. As this show has always been an equal creation of all four hosts, we have decided that the podcast should not go on. We have greatly enjoyed sharing our passion and love of Genesys with you all, and we massively appreciate the kindness and support we have received from our listeners. Thank you for being a part of something special and making this time that we had together a Triumph.

All the Love, The Dice Pool Team



REED RICHARDS - Mr. Fantastic

Reed is one of the world’s leading scientists and is well respected throughout that community. He is often called upon by important organisations, such as S.H.I.E.L.D. to help manage think-tanks and assist in matter of inter-dimensional and extra-terrestrial matters.


SUSAN STORM - The Invisible Woman

Compassionate, forgiving, and understanding is what describes Susan best. She is more likely to open a dialogue during a conflict than go on the offensive. Although every bit as capable a scientist as her husband Reed, she primarily focuses on her abilities as a medical doctor.


JONNY STORM - Human Torch

If Reed is the mind of the Fantastic 4, then Jonny is the enthusiastic spirit. He is quick to jump into the fight for the greater good, and enjoys himself whilst doing so. Although a capable pilot, he is more a hot shot than he is a seasoned professional.


BEN GRIMM - The Thing

Although armed with a tough exterior, Ben is truly soft-hearted. Ben would give up his life and time to help others, and is always there when you need a friend. A powerhouse, with great strength and resilience, Ben can sometimes bite off more than he can chew.


PETER PARKER - Spider-man

Peter has a great attitude as a hero and understands the responsibility of the power he holds all too well. He often swings into a fight, just to help a fellow hero in need, often forgetting his own responsibilities in the process.