The Dice Pool Podcast

Where adventure is just a roll away

A monthly podcast produced by gamers for gamers and dedicated to the newly released Genesys Role Playing Game by Fantasy Flight Games.


GM Hooly

GM Hooly (aka Ian Houlihan) is a father, a former Police Officer, was the Tabletop Games Manager for the first ever PAX Australia in 2013 and was responsible for bringing Gen Con to Australia in both 2008 and 2009. More recently, GM Hooly has been a regular contributor to the Order 66 Podcast and assisted with Gamer Nation Con 2017.

GM Hooly is an avid role player since 1984. A lover of all games prior to that of course, Role Playing Games sparked his interest having conjured stories using his own action figure collection for years before as a child. His first game was the Top Secret Espionage Role Playing Game from TSR, and has since played or run a wide range of games including Champions, Call of Cthulhlu, Dungeons and Dragons, Elfquest, GURPS, Pathfinder, Mutants and Masterminds, Shadowrun and a slew of RPGs in between.

His pleas to the universe were answered in 1987 when West End Games presented the first Star Wars Role Playing game using the D6 system, which in many respects is the fore-father to the Star Wars Narrative Dice System, and in turn GeneSys. GM Hooly is a huge Star Wars geek, with it being his biggest passion next to his family, so the merging of two of interests was a dream come true. Since then he has run all the iterations of the Star Wars Role Playing Game. Although a player on many occasion, GM Hooly's love is on the other side of the screen as the Game Master.

GM Hooly is very much the story teller and aims to give as many ingredients of the world to his players as possible so that they can create epic and all-encompassing stories. GM confesses to not being into "the crunch", and the Narrative Dice System gives him the tools needed to focus on the story rather than the mechanics, which is a natural fit for his style.


GM Huzz

 GM Huzz (aka Mike Hurrel) has been a tabletop gaming enthusiast since he was a teenager. Wargaming is where it all began, mostly Warhammer 40,000 initially, although that quickly evolved to a multitude of other mini games. When GM Huzz turned 18 a friend invited him to play in a DnD game and from that point on a he was addicted to Role Playing Games. GM Huzz has spent most of his earlier roleplaying years acting as the GM, running loads of games under heaps of different systems; D20 Star Wars, Pathfinder, Dark Heresy and its ilk, Eclipse Phase, Fragged Empire, Numenera, and probably more than can be listed here. He never had one favourite system, well that was until FFG’s Star Wars Roleplaying Game was released. The second GM Huzz opened the Edge of the Empire beta book all those years ago, he was hooked - both as a player and GM. As the type of player who loves action and drama in a roleplaying game, the narrative dice system gave him the perfect tool, one that he could use as both the player and the GM. Now with the release of Genesys GM Huzz is giddy with the endless opportunities that lay ahead.

GM Flano

GM Flano (aka Martin Flanagan) first found his love of gaming when his parents brought home a Nintendo Entertainment System with Super Mario Bros, when he was just a kid. Everything pretty much grew from there, but it wasn’t until 1999 that he discovered roleplaying games with a homemade system he and his friends created in their spare time because they didn’t have access to any books. Eventually though, he and his friends would get their hands on some proper rules in the shape of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition and Vampire the Masquerade. In those early days, GM Flano was a player for the most part, but on occasions he stepped behind the GM screen to run grand adventures in any system he could get his hands on. It wasn’t until many years later that he discovered the narrative dice from Fantasy Flight Games, and like many of us, hasn’t looked back since. GM Flano has fallen in love with the narrative dice system, loving the way everyone at the table is an active participant in weaving the narrative. He is truly excited by the possibilities presented by Genesys and is looking forward to starting this adventure with you. It was amongst gamers that GM Flano found his home and made many of his best friends that are still with him today. GM Flano hopes to bring his experience and love for this great hobby to the Dice Pool Podcast and hopes to help others to find their place at the table as well.


GM Kaitlin

GM Kaitlin considers herself to be a roleplaying newbie... especially in comparison to the other hosts. GM Kaitlin fell madly in love with playing video games when she was 12 and fell in even deeper love with the Role Playing Game genre after playing Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic and Elder Scrolls III - Morrowind. She has always been crazy into Sci-Fi and Fantasy themes because of the worlds and characters that exist within them. Naturally GM Kaitlin had always wanted to give Dungeons and Dragons a go, and whilst it took a long time to finally take those first steps in going out and finding a group, she was hooked on tabletop gaming from that point forward. When she eventually tried the Star Wars Roleplaying Game by Fantasy Flight Games, she was swept up with the narrative dice system which embodies everything she loves about storytelling and character adventures, even failure or despair! Being a fanatic for story, characters, roleplay, and the amazing journeys players undertake as characters and friends alike when around the table, she is very excited for Genesys to continue this into other settings and themes. Since first taking her steps into tabletop Role Playing Games about 2 years ago she has been extremely lucky to meet and become involved in many different style of games and even been inspired to run a few sessions herself. She hopes to bring that newbie perspective to the podcast and support people who are generally new to tabletop gaming and the narrative dice system.