The Dice Pool Podcast

Where adventure is just a roll away

A podcast produced by gamers for gamers and dedicated to the Genesys Role Playing Game by Fantasy Flight Games.



An Actual Play Podcast is a podcast where a group of players and a game master record one or several of their games session. The sessions form part of a cohesive story in either a long campaign that lasts for several seasons of several episodes per season, or a short session campaign where the story is told in several sessions of play. These adventures typically involve the same characters throughout the campaign. A single episode tends to be a scene or act within the overall story arc.

The Dice Pool Podcast offers several campaigns, using the GeneSys Role Playing Game System, where we explain the rules as we progress through the story. This is great for new players as well as more seasoned game masters. If you have a request for a story or campaign you would like us to play through, let us know at


TERRINOTH: The haunted city

This adventure is set in the fantasy world of Mennara, on the continent of Terrinoth. Our story centres around four adventurers, the Holy Warrior Alys Raine (GM Huzz), the Wizard Leoric of the Book (GM Flano) the Dwarven Alchemist Ulma Grimstone (PC Madeline), and a brutish Orc Scout Pathfinder Durik (GM Kaitlin). After their discovery of an abandoned homestead overrun by bandits, the heroes are propelled on a journey that takes them into the Free City of Nerekhall where they must confront a truly horrific evil from that city’s past that threatens all of Terrinoth.


NIGHT’s edge: voyage of calamity

Prepare to sail the wind currents high above the Night's Edge as we visit the world created by the hosts of the show. Join our four intrepid heroes, the Werewolf Captain Artimis Gristlemore (Huzz), the Spell Slinger Jerrico Runetide (Flano), the Shade Touched Sneak Joana Bonny (Kaitlin), and the Arcane Seer Anora Steelclaw (Madeline), aboard the lightning trawler Calamity. In this adventure, our heroes brave a powerful arcane storm for a Foundation Mechanic, but no sooner do they return before they become messengers between two power adversaries who vie for power over the remains of Luxentenbris.

android: happy hour

This adventure is set in the city of New Angeles in the setting of Android: Shadow of the Beanstalk. The adventure centres around a group of friends who meet for happy hour one Friday night. However, their night is interrupted and their lives upended when a casual acquaintance gets them involved in a major heist and feud between two powerful rival gangs. Who will our characters back, and will they make it out alive?